Fortress Edging (Engineered Edge Restraints):

Steve Jones, the original inventor of PAVE EDGE, has invested his vast industry experience to now offer you the culmination of his innovative design, in his new FORTRESS EDGING line of products, featuring newly patented Grypper® technology, and StrypRAIL, the first Geo-tension anchoring system, custom made to accompany our Fortress Edging, with everything necessary to affix the included woven, biaxial strength and high-tenacity, coated polyester GeoGRID. StrypRAIL is available in both STANDARD kit (For PAVER and THIN edging) and HEAVY Kit (for Fortress HEAVY edging).

The original paver edge restraint designs, developed by Steve Jones, brought the first ever Unit edge restraint products of their kind to the Hardscape market. But his new Fortress Edging models have been Re-engineered with Evolutionary Improvements in Efficiency, incorporating decades of Steve's hands on contractor and industry Experience, Refining and Improving his original Successful designs from 35 years ago, to produce this Optimized line of Engineered Edge Restraints.

With Fortress Edging we refined what worked and eliminated what was excessive in material and design from previous paver edge restraint offerings, reduced its size, lowered its cost, made it lighter, easier to ship, easier to handle, and easier to install, all while maintaining the Integrity of its Original supported reinforced lip design.

Fortress Edging redresses dry climate brownout issues by significantly reducing the size and profile of the edging supported back, allowing for additional topsoil to keep grass and vegetation Green and Healthy, while still maintaining All of the necessary stability, and Permanence that sets Fortress Edge Restraints far apart from the dozens of ineffective L-shape paver edge variant restraints on the market that Routinely Fail due to Heaving in Seasonal (Freeze Thaw), Environmental, and Climatic Changes.

Fortress Edging is made of strong, durable, and Environmentally Conscientious, PVC with a controlled amount of Recycled PVC, designed, produced, and proudly manufactured in the USA. is a division of Fortress Engineering - Design, along with,, and, each providing vital products, equipment, and technological innovations to this important industry.

Fortress Edging is Patent and Patents Pending in the United States and Canada and other countries.

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